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In Summer of 2013 EPIK added “…That are Built Up to Quality… Not Down to Cost” to our company motto of “Technology Driven Extreme ROI Solutions”.  While many companies have grown to embrace a “disposable” attitude towards their products, we are still focused on creating a long-lasting return on our customer’s investment in our products and services.

The market is filled with products that tell the same story: printers that cost less than their ink refills; lawnmowers designed to last 2-3 years; computers that become outdated before they even ship… all ploys to encourage making another “investment” in your business.  

We look at an investment entirely different.  We see it’s value based on its ability to generate profits and enchance market presence. In order to do so, we take no cost driven compromises in our solutions while continuously scouring every new and developing option in the marketplace to maximize potential while maintaining competitively priced to the specific application.

Your equipment should reflect the same pride in workmanship and craftsmanship as the products you develop. At EPIK our goal is not to earn your return business because you have to replace your machine, but because you have no choice but to advance your enterprise.  

A Revolutionary and Unique Approach to Custom Machinery Building


Henry Ford once said “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it, but don’t have it.” With the competitive nature of today’s marketplace, can you afford this mistake?

EPIK eliminates the fear of and substantially reduces the cost of machine ownership by offering our customers a complete, custom-tailored solution across all aspects of  machine ownership including all 7 stages of CNC production: 1. Concept 2. CAD 3. CAM 4. Code 5. Cut 6. Check 7. Care. All of which are fully supplied and supported by EPIK from design and market development services to preconfigured maintenance packages.  

Machine Retrofits

Exclusive Automation


“Strength in Versatility”


The flagship 3D CNC robotic platform from EPIK. These systems meet the large format needs of many customers in diverse applications.    

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Technical Training

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