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EPIK is a an applied technology engineering company specializing in business automation through the use of mechatronics. Our unique and powerful return on investment (ROI) based solutions allow businesses to take control of their product development and production through the incorporation of solutions that encompass machinery, hardware, workforce, software, tooling, supply, and related technical services.  

Whether you are am entrepreneurial master craftsman looking to automate your craft or enterprise looking to enhance your current methods, EPIK and our extensive team of resources can develop solutions specific to your business’s unique application needs.

We are a new technology company who still does business the, proven, “old fashion” way.  You will not find a cart on our website; instead, you will find a toll-free phone number to our technical sales and support hotline where a representative is waiting to learn more about your application to fashion a solution with the potential to create a positive return on your investment.

Industries Served

Many other businesses can benefit from mechatronic solutions. Call today to discuss your application needs.


Our solutions are built up to quality and not down to price. Rather than developing a one-size-fits-all option or sourcing our components to the cheapest supplier to increase our bottom line, EPIK is dedicated to developing long-lasting quality solutions that will increase the ROI potential of our customers. We take pride in our work and would rather build our business relationship on your return business from business growth than system failure.  

EPIK is proudly owned and supported in these United States of America and attempts to purchase American made and supported products whenever possible. We believe in patriotic responsibility and that American craftsmanship and innovation are second to none.

Our Commitment to Quality

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a holistic discipline that covers mechanics, electronics, software, and the integration of all three into a system.

CNC and automation technology are a pinnacle of mechatronics, relying on each aspect to work in perfect unison for a successful result. As an oversimplified example, a CNC machine relies on an electronic drive to power its electronic motor, the motor’s rotational movement is turned into linear movement by the mechanical linear guideway which is driven by the rotation of the mechanical ballscrew. The signals going to the drive are determined by mathematical calculations by the the software which are processed by the electronic proecessor of the computer.  Simultaneously, the software is looking at the screw mapping records to adjust its signals to account for mechanical imperfections in the ballscrew resulting in movements to an exact distance.   

Now that you can see the process, it should be easy to see why a solution provider with mechatronic knowledge is an important resource. Many companies focus on one aspect of the chain; EPIK focuses on each, funnels the specialized knowledge our supplied component provides, and applies it to our customers in an easy to understand and implement system solution.  

Beyond mechatronics, EPIK believes that an ROI based solution should also take into account the complete production process, the product’s design/development, and the technical training and support necessary to implement the solution.  All of which is incorporated into the design of our mechatronic solutions and system support.